Anonymous asked: yo dude, can you take the pin the tail on the molotiv pic down, its a friend of mine who's being harassed by the cops recently for being active & just trying to keep her & her kid low profile tyvm!!

Not a problem! Hope they leave those kids alone.


I work as a chef in a restaurant that makes “comfort” foods (i.e. steaks, burgers, risottos, etc.). I was asked by a customer about the various dishes we serve. I told her all the ingredients, allergies affected, etc. pertaining to everything on the menu. When she asked me how I felt about them taste wise, I replied stating I don’t eat meat and I couldn’t answer her question. She was taken aback and called me un-American and a savage. I wasn’t sure whether I should be offended or complimented, hah.


Taking a break from social forums is good for the body and soul. It should be practiced more often. Meet real people. Do real things. Stop staring at a screen for hours on end.

How do I like my bacon you ask?Fried.

How do I like my bacon you ask?


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US Drone strike kills 5 Afghani soldiers


Friendly fire you say? Doesn’t seem that friendly of the US. This is why countries America occupies want us out. This is why the public representatives of Afghanistan (and Iraq) want the American troops on the ground to be subject to arrest for their crimes. And this is why the United States military refuses to comply.


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im laughing so hard you’re so fucking stupid

Proof that people behind anon-hate are nothing but fucking cowards. So the next time an anon sends you hate, just remember this post and know you’re so much better than they are.

The epitome of fucking stupid.

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